Bidoche Musique
"At the Gate - Departure Lounge
Smoking is Allowed"
(hyper-realist poetry)

1. Audiobiography
2. Control
3. The Center
4. Bug People
5. National Poetry Month: Monica Dockery (USA)
Bret Sinclair (UK), Bidoche Musique
6. National Poetry Month: Bidoche Musique
7. False Flag
8. The Guitarist
9. Of Men and Mice
10. Wheat and Sweet
11. Dumbed Down
12. Fusion
13. Synergy Baseline (in memory of Gary Ford)

National Poetry Month: April 2013, SoundCloud Heroes

Joe Fleury: voice/words, bass guitar, drums, synthesizer,
engineering. Mastered by Invasion Records, Switzerland
in May 2013.

Invasion #22: Bidoche Musique "At the Gate - Departure Lounge, Smoking is Allowed"