Bidoche Musique
"Collaborations 1993-2000"

   1. Sound Clip (rain, thunder, train, rain)
   2. Oberiu (The Legendary Poptones, Sofia/Bulgaria)BM: synth,bass drum
   3. Dispute (The Legendary Poptones) BM: synths
   4. Affair with Accidental Character (The Legendary Poptones) BM: synths
   5. Sound Clip (Ancient Egypt)
   6. The Flying Shark (Vincent & Friend, somewhere near Lyon/France)
        BM: bass, drums, voice
   7. Sound Clip (swimming pool)
   8. Yucatan Man (Ernesto Diaz-Infante, California/USA) EDI: piano
   9. Sound Clip (some guy on tv)
  10. Climat (M. Nomized, Paris/France). BM: bass, drums, synth
  11. Sens (M. Nomized, Paris/France). BM: bass, synth, cowbell intro
  12. Sound Clip (creepy tales)
  13. Go Monster! (Le Monochrome Kid, Montréal/Canada). BM: sound clip,
         synth [monster]
  14. Sound Clip (local flavour)
  15. Amnesty (Unknown Guitarist, Switzerland) BM: bass, drums, voice
  16. Go East Young Man (Paul Fleury, Florida/USA) PF: cello, synth
  17. Song for a Luthier (Paul Fleury, Florida/USA) PF: cello
  18. Sound Clip (Martian welcome)
  19. Alien Attack Speed (Le Monochrome Kid) BM: bass, synth, extra drums
  20. Twisted Logic (The Legendary Poptones) BM: shaker, voice, drum fill
  21. Entanglements of Life (The Legendary Poptones) BM: basses
  22. They Found a Seashell Inside(The Legendary Poptones) BM: bass,synth
  23. Here I Come (The Legendary Poptones) BM: bass, synth
  24. The Designer Bread Suite (Bidoche Musique): Awakening,
         The Stumbling Intelligence of Future Learning*, Word Count,
         Designer Bread. *words: Matthew Sells, Arizona/USA

      #2,3,4,8,20,21,22,23 ©1998 - #6 ©1995 - #10,11 ©1999 -
      #13,19 © 2000 #15 ©1993 - #16,17 ©1995 - #24 © 2000.    

      Joe Fleury: voice/words, electric bass, drum programming,
                   keyboards, percussion, sound collage, engineering.


INVASION # 2: Bidoche Musique - "Collaborations 1993-2000"