Bidoche Musique
"Droit de Cuissage"

  • Pollution Surprise (franšais/French), F.M. Station, Solitary Invasion, Jungle Beat, Roots, Que de l'Insolite (franšais/French), The Lady in Lace, Showbiz Singers, The Critic, Pinball Player, Big Bang, Gina, Looking for Trouble, Arabs, Hypnotize You.

  • Joe Fleury: Voice/Words, Electric bass, Guitar, Drum Programming, Percussion, Keyboards.
    Recording and Final Mix at Barbaque Studios, Switzerland.

    Completed: 1990. Due to technical reasons, track 5 on the original tape ("Harmonie") was replaced with "Hypnotize You".

    This is a re-edition of the first release by Bidoche Musique.



    Auto6 - May 1998


    Dig out your old grey coat! Pile on the eyeliner! 1981 is back! Joe Fleury clearly didn't listen to a
    single Nineties record in his life. And so he delights us with fifteen tracks that are pure VISAGE-SOFT CELL-GARY NUMAN (listen to "FM Station" and shed a nostalgic, mascara-blackened tear). At times he also sounds a hell of a lot like that compendium of snobbish Eighties-ness, DALI'S CAR, and I will love him forever for this (ah, that bass...). Weirdest of the bunch: "Jungle Beat," where he rants on about ''dancing to the jungle beat'' with a voice and a beat that's perfect suicidal JOY DIVISION. This guy is a genius.
    Fantastique!!! - Paola Sorrentino


    September 1998

    Joe Fleury: BIDOCHE MUSIQUE - A hometaper all th' way from Switzerland.
    Joe sent this in after reading a copy of "I.N." (all th' way over there, eh?). Spoken word
    over top of some interesting bass/synth lickz'. He's a 4-trakker from WAY back... alla' way
    from '86. Joe calls his poetry "hyper-realist"; I get th' impression that label comes from
    th' (somewhat) "dark" shadings of th' music he puts under, over, around & thru his words.
    'nother English-mun in a foreign land, it seems. Last one we made close contact with
    was David Zax, over in Taiwan (wonder if he's still around - haven't heard from him in ages).
    There's some similarity, tho' Zax seemed to be more "folk" oriented than Fleury... much more
    symphonic influence here. This is interesting, tho' it demands that you not allow any distractions.
    You must be INVOLVED in his phrasings to get a real sense of th' mood he's painting for you.
    Gets a RECOMMENDED! Rotcod Zzaj



    INVASION # 0: Bidoche Musique - "Droit de Cuissage"