Bidoche Musique
"Get the Extra Ball!"

   1. Out There [sonic theatre]
  2. True Life Drama [hyper-realist poetry]
  3. Crime Scene [sonic theatre]
  4. Travel Sickness [sonic theatre]
  5. Passage Souterrain [instrumental]
  6. Swinging London [sonic theatre]
  7. Puzzle [instrumental]
  8. Insomnia [sonic theatre]
  9. Don't Go to Work
10. Swamp Gas [hyper-realist poetry]
11. Nu Reality [instrumental]
12. The Pack [instrumental]

      Joe Fleury: voice/words, fretted and fretless electric basses, drum programming,
keyboards, sound clips, engineering.

Recording and final mix at Barbaque Studios, Switzerland



INVASION # 14: Bidoche Musique - "Get the Extra Ball!"