Bidoche Musique

  1. Mantra SPbend
  2. The Plan
  3. Crop Duster
  4. Black Boot
  5. Political Smoke
  6. Outside
  7. Harry Hyde from Homicide
  8. Space Repair / War Down There
  9. Take the Sheik


      Joe Fleury: voice/words*, electric bass ,drum programming,
keyboards, sampling, sound clips, engineering.
Words on The Plan by Bill Gallagher, Florida/USA

Recording and final mix at Barbaque Studios, Switzerland



May/June 2002

Joe Fleury - FILM FESTIVAL: We reviewed a tape from Joe (way back) in issue
# 34... spoken-word, drum-machine & synths woven around th' words. This CD
is (somewhat) similar, but the digital format makes it much cleaner, TBS (to
be sure). The electronic aspects of his synth compositions lend an air of
mysteriosity that I really like; lots of little intrigues buried down under
th' topography! He's got some genuinely phunk-ee beatz goin' on, too -
makes it much easier to groove along while you're checkin' out his words. I
particularly enjoyed "Crop Duster" (cut 3) for the down-under rhythms, &
"Harry Hyde From Homicide" is another favorite (cut 7). "Harry" certainly
emulates the CD title, definitely some hard-edged cacophony goin' on
there... don't do this at th' height o' yer' reefer madness or you'll end up
az frazzled as thee dood in THAT movie! VERY enjoyable, & gets a HIGHLY
RECOMMENDED for those who wanna' lil' "psych" in their "delic"!
Rotcod Zzaj


INVASION # 9: Bidoche Musique - "Film Festival"