Bidoche Musique
"Mysteries of the World" (an excursion into hyper-realist poetry)

  • Welcome to the New Millennium, Wheat Field, Chupacabra, M.I.B., Bigfoot, Sleep Demon, The Truth part 1, The Truth part 2 (the final effect), Star Lander, Météorites (français/French), Call of the Wild, Toxico Man, Secret Steps, Rich Hog, Dirty Dog, Cum Grano Salis.

  • Joe Fleury: Voice/Words, Electric bass, Drum Programming, Percussion, Keyboards, Sound Collage.
    Recording and Final Mix at Barbaque Studios, Switzerland.

    Completed: December 1999

    "Mysteries of the World" Mail-Art Project - 12th International Independent Music and Arts' Festival, Antwerp/Belgium (April 15, 2000).



    DATA DUMP # 57 - Hilltop Press, Huddersfield, England
    reviewed by Cardinal Cox

    "Fifteen tracks, fifty-three minutes of synth-based songs about such
    Fortean subjects as crop circles, the Yeti, M.I.B's and the Goatsucker,
    so this CD stands as a testament to Millennia/X-File phile sensibilities.
    The music picks up when what sounds like a real guitar and bass join the
    mix, though the selection of sounds used for the electronic accompaniment
    is limited. Not an easy CD to get into, but by my third attempt the
    sounds had grown on me enough to complete the disk."


    INVASION # 1: Bidoche Musique - "Mysteries of the World"