A few poems:

Cancer People Embrace Soldier once More
Chupacabra Roger Sundance
Death on Dirt Sleeping Disorder The Final Effect

animation (144kb): Faster than That faster than that



Cancer people with wide-open mouths
Spreading their disease in the thickest of crowds

Cancer people who don't care that much
For those in the open,
Sensitive to touch

A malignant growth in the language cell,
It's words emerge from the jaws of Hell
It can be cured;
We've often failed

Oral transfusion
From an influential source
May change the program
No damage of course
No damage of course




c) 1987 - Joe Fleury


I'm the chupacabra
And I'm gonna suck you dry!
Sweet, sweet blood
To get my Master high!
And boy, am I an ugly
Son of a bitch!
I'm not a witch
But I can fly
Lizard tongue
Wing of bat
Popular red demon-eye
Try and catch me
Puny human
I dare you to come and try!




c) 1999 Joe Fleury


I've got this hi-tech pen
And computer paper; nothing less
I have to write to Roger
Tell him I'm impressed
With his letter and tape
And the honesty therein
Matter-of-fact sincerity
Popular songs for unpopular men

It's time for revolution
Brothers, it's time again for sure
A time for new solutions
And the burial of war
Silence is over!




c) 1994 Joe Fleury


How many people don't have enough to eat?
How many people are living on the street?
Our spoiling and plundering have now become habits
Still we go forth and multiply like rabbits
When are we going to learn?

How many more prophets do we need?
Before the world succumbs to it's own greed?
The pollution is taking it's toll
The climate has changed
I don't find this drole
The church doesn't have a clue
So this has to concern me and you
What are we going to do?

Nineteen ninety-five is at hand
We celebrate with the traditional brass band
Dreams of glories past
Radical thinking or the world will never last
The Shuttle could take us away?

This is not fair play
The man in the street is denied his right
It's still far more easy if your colour is white
To speak for the world, our place of birth
Let's not forget to wear a tie and a shirt

Repair our damaged biosphere
Cool out our hatreds and lose our fear
Make it ready for life on Earth
Or wait for the day called "death on Dirt"
Wait for the day called "death on Dirt".




c) 1994 - Joe Fleury


There's this huge canibush
On my balycon
It's loaded with spyders
Operating webcams
Looking for food

Creeping under the canopy
Dodging the grey sentinels
Finding the vitamins
Would be fair game

Will wait until dark
When shadows have gone
The Master knows this
And has installed search lite

What have I to lose
Except my transparency?
I'll be brave ...



c) 2000 - Joe Fleury


I'm a sucker
for the taste of grit
Breakmobile circuitry
Low collateral
Power hit
Battlefield vision
Green, sometimes red
Reflex manoeuvre
Vacuum the dead
Increase my bonus
Drink from the jar
Satellite precision
View from afar
Downtown mission
Centre for CAC
Create Active Chaos
Stay on track
Neural gene - active
Six digit score
Push button madness
Soldier once more



c) 2000 - Joe Fleury


Aura scan coordinates
At 6 beta 3
Produced an ideal
For Invasion Plan B

Search-and-Rescue Team
To lock on and teleport
Send to rehabilitation
Generate trace report

Program the subject
Hypno grade two
Input test code
Green light if true

Shutdown procedure
Deep-sleep mode inject
D minus 600
For the final effect




c) 1999 - Joe Fleury



There are a trillion souls out there
One of them must be right
I'll sit here on my mountain
And think of one tonight

Yet nothing beats the physical:
The touch, the sound, the sight
Down here on the ground
Is where I shall stage my fight
It's all a question of vibration
Wanna vibrate with me tonite?



c) 2000 - Joe Fleury


Did you catch the drift?
It's the New World Order
They're riding the wave
Of social unrest
They're playing games
With the jet set
They're doing things
That none of us know
It only goes to show
How dumb we really are
They've gone so far
In time manipulation
Normally, this would
Create a sensation
But not a word is filtered thru
Not a word to me or you
Maybe the predictions are
Right after all
Maybe this is man's downfall
Another civilization
Bites the dust
It's iron and steel
Turn to rust
It disappears forever
A few survivors
Who had the trust
Of the illuminated few
Start over again
A lesson in original sin
No this is not a sleeping disorder
It's the .......

Watch out!




c) 1997 - Joe Fleury