The Legendary Poptones (Bulgaria) and Bidoche Musique - collaboration album

"In the Sink"

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  • The Legendary Poptones: Basic tracks recorded in Sofia/Bulgaria (guitar, bass, flute, found instruments)

    Bidoche Musique: Bass, Bongos, Drum Pad, Keyboards, Shaker, Shekere, Talking Drum, Tape Insert, Vocals/Words. Recording and Final Mix at Barbaque Studios, Switzerland

    *Sex God: words, music, guitar, lead vocal - Fred Frantic. Backing vocals, percussion - The Legendary Poptones. Backing vocals, bass, keyboards, shaker - Bidoche Musique.

    Completed: September 1998



    October 1999
    Edited by Andy Savage

    In the Sink, by The legendary Poptones & Bidoche Musique.
    This is a 40 minute tape of short, mainly instrumental, 60's style psychedelic music. There's lots of little tapping percussion noises which wonderfully gives the impression of the whole thing being performed in the sink ! It's fun and I liked it.


    Invasion # 10: The Legendary Poptones & Bidoche Musique - "In the Sink"