Bidoche Musique
"Water-Proof Combustible" (sonic theatre)

  • The Neightbours are Restless Tonight*, You're Joking!*, G.M.P.'s, People in Power*, Faster Than That, One Minute, The Right Shot*, Belt Up, New Day, Life, Heartfelt*, It's Alive*, The Dead Travel Fast (w/Frankenstein Sound Lab), Parental Divorce, Night of the Living Dead, F.M. Station** (live from the bunker 1985), Pamela Quick, Colour in the Air (words: Michael Irving), The SP Song, Get on Board*, Western Jam** (live from the bunker 1985).

  • *sound clip

    Joe Fleury: voice/words, electric bass, drums, drum programming, percussion, synthesizers, sound clips, engineering. **manu duperrex, electric guitar; patrick spycher, bass guitar.

    Completed: March 2001

    Thanks to Frankenstein Sound Lab & Michael Irving.



    INVASION # 3: Bidoche Musique - "Water-Proof Combustible"