Bidoche Musique & M. Nomized (France)
collaboration album

  • Organe, Entrailles, Saison, Orientation, Climat,
    Moment, Evolution, Sens, Animaux, Techniques

  • M. Nomized: Synthesizers, Loops, Tapes, Sampler, Treatments, Soundscapes.
    Recorded at Fraction Studio, France

    Bidoche Musique: Electric bass, Drum Programming, Percussion, Synthesizer, Sonic Texture.
    Recording and Final Mix at Barbaque Studios, Switzerland

    Completed: May 1999


    The DIY Report #99 - GAJOOB/USA

    Wu Xing - Les Cinq Elements
    This collaboration between French artist M. Nomized and Swiss artist Joe
    Fleury (Bidoche Musique) intricately mines ambient acoustic-electric
    soundscapes, found sound collage, and atmospherics. Melodic riffs are
    filtered through some tracks while others are carried by bass and drum
    grooves. A droning ambience blends the tracks together effectively creating
    an other environment that is littered with sonic flotsam with strength in
    the details that will reward many listens."
    URL: --Reviewed by Bryan Baker 12/2/99.


    INVASION # 11: Bidoche Musique & M. Nomized "Wu Xing - Les Cinq Eléments"