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Zeit Geist Mail-Art project

(cd-rom, including music, to all)

1. Dudkin Vadim Anatolievich (Arise Arise, LN 313), Magnitogorsk, Russia (music)
2. Anne Braunschweig, Corrales NM, USA
3. Keith A. Buchholz (Fluxus/St. Louis), St. Louis MO
4. Alfonso Caccavale, Afragola (Napoli), Italy
5. Ivan Carreņo, Madrid, Spain
6. Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka, Japan
7. Joe Fleury (Bidoche Musique), Villars, Switzerland (music + production)
8. Jessy Kendall, Lewiston ME, USA
9. Michel Madrange (M. Nomized), Melun, France (music)
10. Ruggero Maggi, Milano, Italy
11. Vitaly Maklakov (Obozdur), Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia (artwork, music + children's drawings)
12. Ettore Tomas (Ego Tek), Sasso Marconi, Italy (artwork + music)
13. Alexander N. Trapeznikov (Red DrugOn, Cyber Christ), Pyatigorsk, Russia (cyber art + music)


Musical Submissions

1. The Morning, unfinished Portrait (Obozdur/Dime)
2. Intro
(Ego Tek)
3. Spirit of Age 3
(M. Nomized)
4. In God They Trust
(Cyber Christ)
5. Pulsar of Lust
6. Zeit Geist Heist
(Bidoche Musique)
7. Da 0 a 0
(Ego Tek)
8. 227 Days
(LN 313)
9. Fantasma
(Ego Tek)
10. Spirit of Age 1
(M. Nomized)
11. Ameri Horses
(Cyber Christ)
12. Zeit Geist Lite
(Bidoche Musique)
13. Comer y follar
(Ivan Carreņo)
14. Hard Linoleum
- extract (Obozdur)